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The RESTORE program is a commitment to your health

Although our patients often experience relief from symptoms FAST, our RESTORE program is designed to address the WHY.  

"I don't know, Just woke up this way"

This is the most common reason for pain we hear with new patients.  It wasn't the mattress or the pillow, It was months, years, and decades of misalignment, compensations, and sacrifices that have led to the symptoms.

Our RESTORE program isn't just about pain relief, but changing the structure in the long term.

RESTORE is a 4 week, EVERYTHING INLCUDED Plan, and covers:

  • New Patient Exam

  • X-Rays

  • UNLIMITED necessary Adjustments and Office visits.

    • No additional fees, If you are committed to yourself, we are committed to you!

$850 Value, for

ONLY $100/week for 4 weeks

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